Ship operators, owners and the Officers on board ship face an increasingly complex set of emissions regulations many of which are geographically designated. All ships must carry an Air Pollution Certificate (IAPP) certificate which must be re-approved on an annual basis.

Many ports are coming under pressure to demonstrate their emissions credentials and are beginning to require ship emission data prior to port arrival.


ECA provides a winning solution for owner’s operators, ship’s crew, ports and enforcement agencies. The solution utilises various state-of-the-art monitoring technology on board ship coupled with other ships information to provide a continuous record of operations. That data is downloaded to the Azurtane compliance assurance system where it is overlaid against the current regional regulatory requirements to ascertain not only the ship’s compliance status but also its overall emissions performance. Data is provided in easy to assimilate graphical output with distinctive impending and non compliance alerts.

Azurtane will also provide advisory support to assist the ship’s officer’s return to emissions compliance. If required an appropriate advisory can be made available to Regulatory Authorities in the event of a non-conformity.

Azurtane can consolidate data to provide fleet-wide environmental performance for corporate reporting and environmental benchmarking.

Other authorities can benefit from ECA data. Azurtane can provide pre-arrival emissions information to ports and regulatory authorities. Finally recognising the burden on ship’s officers on arrival in port Azurtane is working closely with many Port state control authorities to exclude emissions compliance inspection for those ships that are fitted with and are reporting ECA to the relevant authorities. Thus ECA can provide a true alternative to ship inspection.


There are naturally some hardware maintenance requirements but these are minimal. In most cases it can be contracted to an Azurtane authorised installer through an annual maintenance programme. The system does not require the ship to adjust engine loads or to undergo a periodic special test cycle. Instead ECA continuously monitors performance and compliance. ECA is fully automatic and does not require crew intervention.

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