Many factors increase fuel consumption resulting in higher operating costs for the shipper and a higher carbon footprint for the shipowner. Some factors are uncontrollable, such as adverse weather, tides and wind. Other factors can be managed and often mitigated. Energy saving technology is also available, ranging from better hull form, larger slow turning propellers to appendages such as hull coatings or propeller boss caps. However due the range of factors affecting the vessel’s power requirements it is not really possible to measure or take control of energy consumption. Especially not if the vessel’s speed is fixed.

Azurtane has been studying and experimenting with the problem of measuring true resistance of the vessel by eliminating or controlling the many external factors.

Over several years the solution has both become evident and proven. There are now different options to reduce overall propulsion energy consumption, prove the saving and benefit from lower operating costs. However the fundamental approach remains the same for each solution. That is to build data that eliminates external factors and then convert that data into “Action Information”, sometimes called management information.

Azurtane recognises that energy saving is not a passive activity. It is the combination of action information and taking steps to utilise the information that returns the real and significant savings. From the work Azurtane has done with a limited number of vessels it is estimated that the deep sea merchant marine has the potential to reduce fuel consumption by at a minimum 12.5million tonne of fuel per year. That saving represents a 40million tonne per year reduction in CO2 emissions whilst maintaining current vessel speeds and schedules. For shippers that equates to a reduction in annual fuel bill of more than $5 billion [ Rotterdam 27/03/2019]. This is a low cost easy step solution to a significant saving.

Despite attempts to improve performance, the reality is that few if any have achieved it. Undertaking performance management is not a part time or a simple activity. It is mathematically demanding as well as computationally intensive. But there is no reason to add the burden of performance management when Azurtane can provide the solutions and guide the focus on energy savings. Ascertaining where the inefficiencies are and how savings can be made is our solutions service.

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