Azurtane has identified that a solution based approach must provide dynamic advice which then enables owners, operators and most importantly Ship’s officers to be able to respond immediately to compliance and efficiency requirements. Azurtane’s systems use dynamic GIS interfaces overlaid with relevant and current advisory information.

Every vessel type has different priorities with respect to compliance and efficiency. A local ferry for example will require specific efficiency information whilst the needs of a VLCC or containership will have widely different solutions. Each system is individually tailored to the specific ship’s requirements and particulars.

Azurtane also provides historical information and analysis to enable fleet-wide and vessel class or type performance benchmarking. Azurtane not only provides data but also detailed analysis and advice and suggested strategies to achieve better energy efficiency performance. This analysis is often undertaken inconjunction with other fields of expertise through Azurtane’s network ensuring the advice is relevant, accurate, practical and can immediately be translated into action and solutions.

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