Energy efficiency. Ship and cargo stability. Navigational safety. Optimal routing.

All require knowledge of where a ship is and how it is moving.

High Precision Kinematics from Azurtane is ground breaking. It is not just another Global Positioning System, HPK provides complete knowledge of the ships 3D position, motion and rotation for a fraction of the cost of comparable systems.

HPK is designed for all types of vessel from inshore to deep sea. It is compact and easy to install. Vessel telemetry is monitored at high frequency, every 100ms and is available as required for energy efficiency optimization, navigation, pilotage and safety systems both on the ship and ashore.

Roll, pitch and yaw (heading) angles can be measured to within 0.1 degrees with no reference to a base station. The rates at which these angles change are also recorded at high frequency with similar precison. During deep sea operation, 4 satellite constellations are used to maximise integrity and give a position uncertainty of approximately 1-2 m. Within 50 km of a simple onshore base station vessel position is approximately to 4cm in all 3 dimensions, facilitating safe manoeuvring and berthing within ports.

With this level of performance, HPK provides a true digital replica and is your virtual drone.

Handheld interface

Azurtane has developed a user friendly display on a handheld tablet for ship’s crew that shows a vessel’s current and predicted positions, updated 10 times per second.   Here we see a fast ferry approaching port and berthing (this video is from a tablet display using real life HPK data). As the vessel turns the centre of rotation moves accordingly. The shadow shows the predicted position. As the vessel approaches the dockside, a red heat map acts as a proximity alert. The resolution is such that small movements can be clearly as the vessel is securely moored prior to passenger disembarkation.

If you want to know more about our ground breaking High Precision Kinematics (HPK) system and how it is used for performance optimization, safeguarding your vessel during the last mile to berth and monitoring ship stability, contact:

Donald Gregory
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