Shaft power and torque measurement – TORXmeter®mkII

Accurate high resolution measurement of shaft power is vital when optimizing ship performance. Azurtane has a straightforward cost effective solution for retrofits and newbuildings – TORXmeter®mkII from TX Marine.

Azurtane’s carbon management system including TORXmeter®mkII enables:

  • CO2 monitoring and reduction programmes
  • Fuel savings
  • Engine condition monitoring & component protection
  • Improved maintenance scheduling

Torque, speed and shaft power data from TORXmeter®mkII allow specific fuel oil consumption and specific cylinder oil consumption to be calculated.

Efficiency improvements can be closely monitored after implementation, trends in hull and propeller condition can be tracked, sister vessel performance can be compared and Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plans actioned and enhanced.

For newbuildings TORXmeter®mkII provides shaft power for EEDI verification at the sea trial stage – a baseline for the ship’s lifecycle. With the EU ETS carbon trading scheme fast approaching and a need for both new and existing vessels to meet tightening energy efficiency targets, Azurtane’s Carbon Management System with TORXmeter®mkII is the ideal tool set for optimizing ship performance.

“Installing a new TORXmeter®mkII can be more cost effective than repair of an existing torque meter”

Azurtane has a guiding principle that instruments should be easy to install, operate and maintain. TORXmeter®mkII meets these requirements well:

  • Installation requires no service technician
  • Flexible installation options (installation length and shaft diameter)
  • Can be installed in 1 day
  • Little space needed
  • Fully contactless with no electronics on the shaft
  • Maintenance free measuring principle
  • High IP class (IP67 – sensor is immune to grease, dirt, liquids and condensation)
  • Zeroing (new calibration) by ship’s crew
  • Components easily replaced (plug and play)
  • Easy error diagnosis using component fault indicators
  • Remote Azurtane and OEM support

Two sensors, including sensor belts, are installed on the ship’s shaft as far apart as possible. The measuring principle enables a high resolution of the entire system by extremely fast (EXFR) magnetic scanning of the magnetic pattern of the sensor belts. The sensors use the magnetic pole change and the zero crossing (change of the magnetic fields) between the two sensor bands for angle measurement. Measured values of torque, speed and shaft power can be read directly on local and optional ECR displays. These data are continuously recorded by the Azurtane Carbon Management System for use onboard and for transmission from ship to shore, and are also readily available for use by other ship systems.

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